Semi Frameless Shower Screens

Exceptional Value, Indulge your imagination and create an absolute premium bathroom design at a surprisingly affordable price.

Patented Offset Pivot Mechanism allows for a totally frameless door. Utilising a captive stainless steel top pivot pin, the Shower Screen System features a ‘positive close’ low friction design mechanism, providing the benefit of whisper-quiet and trouble-free operation. The ‘lowering’ and ‘offset’ effect of the design automatically reduces the gap between door and sill on door closure. When in the closed position the shower door is located inside the shower recess, ensuring water runoff is directed back into the shower enclosure, helping minimise splashing further enhancing water resistance.

Square Cut Corner Stakes are designed to match the perimeter frame profile, providing rigid colour co-ordinated joining points in the shower screen frame structure.

Designed specifically for use with 6mm toughened glass.

Water Resistant design features an overlapping fixed panel and door configuration, greatly improving water splash resistance so your bathroom remains drier and safer.

Low Maintenance Smooth contoured profiles minimise soap and residue accumulation, reducing the need for cleaning.

The shower Screen System features a captive top pivot pin mechanism, so the shower door cannot be dislodged from the shower screen head section. The Shower Screen Systems are glazed to comply with the requirements of Australian Standards AS2208 and AS1288

The design features an Off-Set Door Stop, which is stylish and practical, preventing the shower door from opening inwards.

An extensive range of handles are available in your choice of either clear acrylic, aluminium powder coated and gold, satin or chrome plated finishes.

Component and design features combine to provide convenience and colour co-ordination. • Handles • Anti-bacterial clear (i.e. frost) and colour matched glazing vinyl • Patented Off-Set Pivot Clamp System • Off-Set Door Stop

  • Shower Screen

An Adlei Glass semi-frameless shower screen is designed to enhance the modern bathroom. With a slim perimeter and either a frameless pivot door or sliding door, The screens are both beautiful and structurally strong. With overlap door or sliding options, in standard and custom configurations, the slim line beauty and design elegance ensure semi-frameless showerscreen create an exciting, visually spacious and stylish bathroom.

  • Slim perimeter frame creates no hidden corners, making it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Offers the ultimate in custom design flexibility.
  • Guaranteed to provide years of reliable, trouble free use.
  • Complete service provided from measurement to manufacture to installation.