What are the standard sizes for Splashbacks?

There are no standard sizes, we custom make every single Splashback to suit your home. A maximum 3655mm length and 2400mm height applies also access might restrict the maximum size of your splashback.


What colour can I have ?

Colour is limited only by your imagination we are able to colour match any colour as long as you have the name and code for the colour. We have a wide selection of Solid, Metallic and Pearl colours, or simply bring a sample of the colour you would like and we can match it for you.


Do I have to have Fire-resitant board ?

Fire Proof backing board is now required by law for all  instalations within 140mm of gas stoves. If this is the case Adlei can install a piece of fire rated board behind your stove or cooktop for a minimal charge.


How long will my order take?

Under most circumstances your glass will be installed within ten working days of the final measure. If your job is a complex one it may take a little longer than this. Once Adlei have site checked your job you will be advised of the intended installation date.


When does my glass get installed?

Your Splashback is the very last thing to be installed. We will only measure up the area after everything else (bench tops, cabinets, range hood etc.) have been fitted.


When should i contact Adlei for a quote?

We can come out – Once your kitchen is completely installed (bench tops & range hood in) & the Electrician has finished the wiring for the power points & all electrical work has been done.


How should my walls be prepared ?

The ideal surface is a smooth plasterboard finish or equivalent. Splashbacks can also be installed onto a range of other surfaces, providing the area is true, clean and dry. The area should be prepared as if it is to be painted.