Typical Payment Terms

Once your job project has had a final measure taken by one of our tradesmen your final price will be given with a payment schedule. Typically our payment schedule is a 30% combined deposit and progress payment ,this consists of a standard 10% deposit and a 20% progress (the progress payment covers the final site measure of the job). The remaining 70% is due upon installaton of the job. Under some circumstances these terms may differ to cover different circumstance such as a multi facet job that includes multiple products, for this type of job final payment for each section will be requested at the completion of each seperate product being installed.

Payment Options

Deposit: Deposits can be made via cash,visa or mastercard (over the phone with our office), cheque, money order or direct deposit. If you are planning to pay in cash please ensure you have the correct money as change is not carried.

Final Payment: Final payments can be made in the same way as deposits and our installation teams also carrymobile EFTPOS facilities should you wish tu use them.

Please note that all credit credit payments will incur a 1% surcharge