Toughened mirror kitchen splashbacks, manufactured out of toughened safety glass they withstand heat and moisture.All manufacturing processes are the same as glass splashbacks, however new technology available also allows our mirrors to be toughened and allows them to be used in areas subject to heat such as behind cooktops. Rather than a silver coating on the back of the glass which cannot be toughened our mirrors have a chromium coating applied that allows the mirror to go through the furnace. Another great advantage of these mirrors is that the chromium coating is moisture and humidity resistant.
To meet Australian Standards for the safe use of glass there are many applications where the glass must be toughened to Grade A safety standards. Conventional mirrors cannot be toughened and so their application is limited mostly to being fixed to a wall or needing to have a solid vinyl backing applied over the silvered paint surface.
Our mirror can be toughened to meet Grade A safety standards. This opens a world of new applications. Use it as a mirrored wall partition. Use it instead of glass in a showerscreen or balustrade. Use it as a mirrored splashback in a kitchen.

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