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Adlei utilises the latest in printing technology to produce stunning custom printed creations. We take your photograph, digital image or artwork and create your own unique print quickly and easily.
A printed glass image is a modern alternative to printing on canvas. Its appeal and style make it perfect for the display of wedding photos, portraits, landscape images or corporate signage. Applications for printing to glass are endless and can include printing images on to tables, kitchen splashbacks, shower screens and pool fencing.
The only constraints are your imagination; create a light and exciting image in your home or work place. Turn your photos or graphic designs into art, dare to impress and surround yourself with sophisticated prints on glass.

Printed Splashback Gallery

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  1. The glass splashback can be fitted over the existing tiles. The only drawback is any exposed edges will look quite thick with the addition of the extra layer of glass. Most customers elect to remove tiles with walls with exposed edges and go over the top of walls without edges exposed.
    Please visit our get a quote page for our sales team to provide you with pricing.
    Regards Adlei

  2. Hi,
    I’m an interior stylist and am looking for a glass splashback for my client.
    She has just moved into a brand new house but doesn’t like the kitchen because it’s too bland. I am suggesting a digitally printed glass splashback to create a focal point.

    I would like to know the following please:
    1. The house is brick veneer and she currently has subway tiles as the splashback. Removing the tiles will mean re-doing the gyprock. Is it possible to adhere the glass splashback against the existing tiles?
    2. Can you please provide a quote based on the measurements below.
    Panel 1: 2895X698 mm
    Panel 2: 582X698 mm
    Panel 3: 509X698 mm
    3. Can you also provide a second quote with plain coloured glass please.

    Thank you and regards,

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