Frameless glass balustrades will add a modern, stunning look to your home. All noteworthy architecture owes much to light and as an element, glass is highly adaptable to virtually all light conditions, allowing architects to create almost any desired effect. Frame-less balustrading can open up a view, provide soft diffusion, or act as a filter and have become the first choice balustrade for home builders and renovators alike. The frameless glass design not only looks great but also has the added advantages of not interrupting views. It is also possible to have panels frosted to give privacy where required, the frosting (acid etching) acts to obscure the glass and diffuse light rather than block it. All balustrades that protect a fall of 1.5 meters or more need to have a handrail or cap rail affixed to the top of the glass, we have many railing options available for you to choose from.

Framless Glass Balustrade Gallery

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