Sliding Doors

An innovative splashback idea with the glass sliding doors also functioning as the splashback. The client went with a tricolour scheme to add extra impact.

Camden Splashback

A great looking glass splashback, the colour selection finishes this kitchen beautifully

Lane Cove Splashback

The contrast between splashback and kitchen sets off this stunning lane cove kitchen.

Kogarah Bay Balustrade

On this eye catching project Adlei Glass were contracted to construct the frameless glass balustrade as well as the stainless steel handrail. The front stairs are sloped both down and across providing many different angles thus giving the project quiet a stunning final apperance.

Randwick Splashback

This project caused the customer a large headache in regards to colour selection but as the images below show the final colour decision was definitely a good one. The customer settled on “Caper” as the splashback colour, it provides great contrast against the other finishes whilst complementing the overall colour scheme, in particular the timber […]


Bowral Splashback On this project we were able to assist out client in making her unique designs become a reality. We printed images of roses provided to us by the client on splashback panels on either side of the range hood; a feature panel was created in red pearl to match the cupboards and keep […]